The Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry Books in Review
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The Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach
by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry
Grand Central
ISBN 0-446-69963-2
Published March 2008 - Paperback - 193 pages - $12.99

Not having had children, I've never really hung out with Moms as such.  Certainly not like authors Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry have.  Their book is a series of "events" either involving other kids' Moms, husbands, gardens, kitchens, food, lingerie, etc., and it really is very funny.  I'm sure you've come across the over-excitable scrapbooking Mom, infomercials, neighbors' "decorations," shoppers, and the like, but haven't necessarily analyzed the different situations.  Well, you don't have to; it's done for you.  I chuckled my way through various scenes and do recall, despite my non-involvement, people like this, which in actuality is rather alarming, not to mention a little frightening.  I know many people mean well but really come across as annoying and bizarrely OCD when it comes to their children, their crafts, and their homes, but if you see the humor in it, you can laugh about it.  Just don't laugh directly at them.
Conclusion - If your days need lightening up, read a couple of chapters every day.

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