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Surviving Myself
by Jennifer O'Neill
William Morrow
ISBN 068815992-3
Published 1999 - Hardcover - 238 pages

Survive being the operative word, Jennifer O'Neill has been through the mill.  With nine miscarriages, living through a gun shot, childhood suicide attempt and more, she truly has a story to tell.  She seems to have been around forever (perhaps it's because of her movie Summer of '42 in which she played the part of an "older" woman) but she's only in her mid-fifties.  Her inspiring story will have you turning the pages just to see what she's up to next.  Never malicious and rather accepting, she just gets on with her life, mishap after mishap.  Unbelievably, she's been married eight times, found God and now has a new life.  Ms. O'Neill continues to carry on through it all.  She has a follow-up book entitled From Fallen to Forgiven - A Spiritual Journey into Wholeness and Healing.  It's nice to know it's okay to make mistakes and that we're not the only ones.
Conclusion - Gracious and inspirational.

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