Simply Stitched Gifts - 21 Fun Projects Using Free-Motion Stitching by Cynthia Shaffer Books in Review
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Simply Stitched Gifts - 21 Fun Projects Using Free-Motion Stitching
by Cynthia Shaffer
Lark Books
ISBN 978-1-4547-0904-6
Published 2015 - Softcover - 144 pages - $17.95

Just looking at the cover picture I thought this would be one way to use up sewing scraps.  I'd never heard of free-motion stitching, so when I learned what it was, I had to smile.  Handmade and homemade gifts are precious, so I thought about all the things I could make, even though I wouldn't be able to whip them up until I knew what I was doing.  And if you're not into machine sewing, Cynthia Shaffer offers a few ideas for handstitching or even embroidery stitches.  You'll learn about templates and image transfer and how to practice free-motion stitching, and her projects are colorful and happy, just what you want when making gifts for family and friends.  Some are more difficult than others and you will need a few tools of the trade as it were.  If you are a quilter or a seasoned stitcher (didn't want to use the word "sewer", LOL), you'll be ahead of the game, but don't dispair if you're just starting out, at least give it a try.  There are things to make like an apron or a bookmark (more my style), a frame, a tote, a baby's bib, a dishtowel (useful gift), tablet cover (something different!), place mats and more.  The instructions and tools are easy to follow, and, you don't have to use the colors/designs given—go your own way.  I liked the gift tags idea very much—a beautiful way to give a gift.  All the templates are at the back of the book.

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