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Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk! - The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting by L. Diane Wolfe Books in Review
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Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk! - The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting
by L. Diane Wolfe
Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
ISBN 978-0-9816210-2-9
Published March 2009 - Softcover - 176 pages - $13.95

We all have "obstacles" in our lives, whether they're there by circumstance or our own doing.  Some of us overcome them with what appears to be relative ease, while others seem to take forever, if at all.  Author L. Diane Wolfe offers ways to get away from the negative and enforce the postive.  In my opinion, we are our own worst enemy and we can only improve our lives by doing constructive things.  I agree with a person having to have a positive outlook (why struggle along without one?) in life, and to change our attitude (a bad attitude is just that - bad).  The "spunk" she refers to in her title is, what she calls, enthusiasm and excitement.  I have to say, unfortunately, that I could only stomach reading up to page 52 - too many spelling and layout/production errors to concentrate much more.  I found it a very basic book, and to me, much of what is needed is common sense (read my book), much of which should be learned from parents and/or teachers.  The most ridiculous sentence in the book (as far as page 50, that is), I thought, was this: "As a Christian, I personally believe there is an evil force controlling life on earth that delights in creating problems for everyone."  What church is preaching that "an evil force is controlling life on earth"?  For heaven's sake, what could be further from the truth?  Doesn't God "control" life on earth?  Isn't the Christian religion all about love and that God is all around?
Conclusion - Very amateurish and avoidable - there are much better books available out there.

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