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Spot the Differences - 100 Challenging Photo Puzzles
ISBN 1-4027-5501-5
Published June 2008 - Softcover - 160 pages - $7.95

I love these kinds of puzzles.  I hadn't done this type of one in donkey's years.  There is a dual selection of two olde worlde photos, mostly in sepia, and changes have been made to one of them which you have to find.  Not as easy as it sounds I have to say.  The book's divided into three sections: Easy, Medium, and Hard, and the pictures vary from people and places to buildings, animals, and scenery.  The pictures are old fashioned and even the "easy" ones aren't that easy.  Normally I'd have prided myself on being able to spot any inconsistencies in a snap (no pun intended), but these ones really kept me peering in closely, often to no avail.  But, I did find the "hard" ones easier than the easy ones.  Not that I always found each and every difference, it's just that I seemed to find the first few relatively quickly.  Usually though, I'd end up staring and searching for the last one.  I got frustrated, probably because they used photos instead of drawings, which are what I remember doing.  Still, if you like a challenge, then do try this book out.
Conclusion - Challenging and a lot of fun.

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