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Speed Bump
by Dave Coverly
ECW Press
ISBN 1-55022-658-4
Published November 2004 - Softcover - 170 pages - $16.95

Award-winning cartoonist Dave Coverly, of the Saturday Evening Post, New York Times, and Esquire magazine fame, has put together a collection of his work.  It's beyond hilarious - riotous or hysterically funny would better describe this comic genius.  His take on life and everyday observations give him the impetus to churn out these wonderfully funny cartoons, or panels.  Life's tough enough to live and it's so great that our loads can be lightened by the gift of humor.  Coverly tells a little about himself in the foreword and the book is divided into different aspects of life: Relationships, Kids, On the Job, Animals, Reading, Beverages, and more, each with their own introductions.  Some of the Coverly humor I loved were the cat choosing between a "Kitty Digest" and "Cat Fancy" before going to the litterbox, and the hotel mini-bar.  Dave Coverly is a funny man and richly deserves the two Best Newspaper Panel awards he won in 1995 and 2003.  His take on life is spot on and you're sure to love this collection of truly amusing cartoons.  Visit Dave Coverly's website for a laugh.
Conclusion - Just wonderful and a hoot from cover to cover.

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