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The Soul of Wellness by Rajiv Parti, M.D Books in Review
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The Soul of Wellness - Achieving a Healthy Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit
by Rajiv Parti, M.D.
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ISBN 978-1-59079-9550
Published October 2012 - Softcover - 152 pages - $14.95

There seems to be any number of books on this subject, so how do you know who to believe or subscribe to?  Read what you are attracted to and take away with you that which resonates.  We're all different and need different levels of advice or information at different times.  Personally, I liked that Dr. Raj writes from personal experience (I'm sorry that he had to be so afflicted!) and not just from a medical or spiritual aspect.  He says, "This interrelatedness of Body, Mind, and Heart makes it even clearer that to enjoy a rich and satisfying sojourn on Earth—a life full of meaningful relationships, activities, and pleasures—we need maximum wellness in all three dimensions."  He also says, "Spirit is about feeling connected to something much larger than ourselves, something precious, enduring, and of infinite value."  It's how we're made, and we need to tend to all aspects of our lives in order to make the most of it and to elimiate stress, anxiety, greed, tension, etc.  Most people, I would assume, would prefer to live harmonious lives rather than hectic and chaotic ones.  To increase harmony, love, consideration, etc., there is more to life than making money and being successful.  Dr. Raj's words explain it all so eloquently and in a peaceful and calming manner.  I totally agree with this aspect of Ayurveda, which Dr. Raj explains and discusses: "It insists that nature must be respected and embraced because it is the home into which we are born and where we must live."  My sentiments exactly!  It's that simple.  There are enlightening and moving personal stories to read and contemplate, and easy exercises to try yourself to delve deeper into who you are.  There are twelve Principles in this book, some of which are Ayurveda, Calmness, Acceptance, Dharma, Harmony, and Gratitude.  I wish everyone could read the third Principle: Acceptance.  Briefly, Ayurveda is balancing inner nature with outer nature.  It's a 5000-year-old "sister science" to yoga.  I liked that it works as a preventative rather than curative aspect.
It's up to us to take care of ourselves and our Earth.
Conclusion - A spiritually uplifting read, and a great way to live one's life without all the stress and hassle we allow to get to us.

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