Art Journals and Creative Healing by Sharon Soneff Books in Review
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Art Journals and Creative Healing - Restoring the Spirit through Self-expression
by Sharon Soneff
Quarry Books
ISBN 978-1-59253-364-0
Published 2008 - Softcover - 128 pages - $24.99

Creative healing.  I'm all about that!  Sharon Soneff has gathered loads of fabulous contributions from fellow art journalers so there is a huge variety of styles to inspire readers and crafters and those in need of some spiritual upliftment.  Of course Soneff's own work is featured a lot along with personal anecdotes, many of which may resonate (and encourage) with many people.  I absolutely love this book and find myself opening it randomly just to look at the colors and creations, gathering inspiration for future ideas.  There are stories of personal journals by each contributor with glorious photos of their work, and creative tips too.  What I also love about this book is that the "journals" are not all books; they vary from scraps of papers, spiralbound books, using old photos, strips, recycled pages, basically any collection of "pages" will do.  No pressure.  And one's journal can be about literally anything at all.  One is about a child with a syndrome, another is about depression, another's about losing everything in a natural disaster, one about changing a lifestyle, health issues, etc.  You can write, or not, draw, stick, tear, cut, stamp, scribble, collage, doodle, the choice is entirely yours.  I love the stories and encouragement to just get going and help yourself heal from whatever is gnawing at your spirit.

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