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The Sexy Years - Discover the Hormone Connection: The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men
by Suzanne Somers
Crown Publishers
ISBN 0-609-60721-9
Published March 2004 - Hardcover - 358 pages - $25.00

As we get older, as we all know, our bodies change, some more dramatically than others.  Suzanne Somers has long been known as an actress and author of some 10+ books, mainly on living healthily.  Now she's gone a step further and swears she's found that all-important balance of hormones so necessary for us to feel "normal" as we age.  Frankly, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) scares me and when the time comes, I'll certainly look into bioidentical therapy, as it replaces lost hormones as opposed to using a "one size fits all" synthetic hormone replacement.  Ms. Somers' relentless search for a way to feel better certainly has paid off for her.  Just look at her these days!  None of us (women and men) want to go through the ups and downs (forgetfulness, dry skin, sleeplessness, etc. etc.), and some of us don't (thank your lucky stars), but sadly many of us do.  And, there's no one cure-all remedy which probably accounts for why some treatments only work for some people.  Suzanne believes if you investigate your own circumstances and get your doctor to hear you, along with a healthy eating and living pattern, you're well on your way to alleviating the strain of menopause or getting older.  Other women's experiences have also been recorded so this is not a one-sided look at how to change your life.
The idea is to visit your doctor (or get yourself to an endocrinologist or someone specializing in hormones) to establish, through a simple blood test, which hormones you are deficient in and to put together your own personal dosage - very important.  Using a drug hormone just takes away your symptoms and can lead to breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes.  Using a bioidentical hormone (derived from plant extracts like soybean and yams, believe it or not), according to Suzanne, is the way to go.  I particularly liked her quote, "If you grieve for your once-perfect body and your twenty-year-old looks, this book will not help you.  But if what you desire is confidence, extraordinary good health, happiness, peace, serenity, fulfillment, great looks, a fabulous body, lots of fun, and a sex life like you've never had before, then by all means read on."  We have to take control of our wellnesss and health to be in a position to change ourselves.  All it takes is one or two blood tests and a little monitoring so you can get your own personal hormone level established.  I was enlightened enormously by what the doctors she spoke to had to say.  It makes so much sense and seriously worth considering when wanting to make beneficial changes to our lives.  Not only to feel and look better, but to stop putting so much garbage into our bodies.  Thank you Suzanne, for doing the legwork and sharing your findings with us.  A very important book for all women and men facing or dealing with menopause.  She swears her (and her husband's) sex life hasn't been better!
Visit Suzanne Somers at her website.  Also see my review on her latest book, Ageless.
Conclusion - An essential read for women and men - arm yourself with this knowledge.  I highly recommend this book.

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