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Sicily - Nature, Culture and Traditions
by Maria Cristina Castelucci and Antonio Attini
White Star
ISBN 88-544-0222-2
Published April 2007 - Hardcover - 224 pages - $24.95

I visited the beautiful island of Sicily in the 80s, and although was there for only a few days, and only saw Palermo and Cefalù, I did like what I saw.  I also went to the island of Pantelleria in the Mediterranean - see pages 90/91.  I wish I could have spent more time seeing Sicily.  Everyone and his brother has "invaded" this island, since the year dot, from the Phoenicians, Greek colonists, the Romans, Arabs, and Normans, and there is evidence everywhere to suggest the different "styles".  Since 1860 the island has been Italian.  Sicily is known for many things, two being Mt. Etna, the volcanic mountain, and the Mafia.  It's also where I had my first canoli.  There is of course, so much more to this place.  Spectacular views (it's a mountainous island), wonderful buildings and architecture, great food, and friendly people will entice you to visit.  I have a passion for islands and was naturally drawn to Sicily.  I wish however, that I'd done more reading up about it before I visited.  I fear I wasted an opportunity.  I remember arriving at the airport and seeing armed military personnel - it was around the time of the those Mafia trials in Palermo.  In this aerial view of the island, you'll see the exquisite landscape - volcano, mountains, farmland, coastline, and the colors will take your breath away.  I had no idea Palermo was so built up and neither had I any clue Sicily was so huge.  It is 25,708 square kilometers or 9,925 square miles.
Conclusion - A fantastic view of a beautiful island.

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