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The World's Greatest Email
by Sue Shifrin-Cassidy
Author House
ISBN 1-4343-2392-7
Published July 2007 - Paperback - 244 pages - $17.95

If you have anything like my email inbox, you no doubt have received any number of unsolicited humorous emails.  From the bizarre to the cute, the funny and absurd, the downright dumb and obnoxious, I've seen them all.  Or so I thought.  Ever wonder who dreams these things up?  It seems songwriter-turned-author Sue Shifrin-Cassidy has been collecting such emails (most of which I've not seen - there must be literally hundreds of thousands out there), and presents the following categories in this book: Fun-E's; Smart People/Stupid People; Thought Provoking; Men, Women, and Sex; Interesting Stuff/Educational; Kids; Political/Politically Incorrect; Scams, Spam, and Urban Legends; Life-Saving/Medical, and Inspirational.  I haven't laughed so much in a long time and I had to have a break and put the book down.  Some funnies are like great jokes, others are silly Freudian things people have said, others are the weird things people get up to.  Some jokes are a little risqué but don't let that put you off.  This is the type of book you don't want to end and is a great book to read during down time - save some pages for a treat next time around.  It would also make a great Christmas gift.
Sue Shifrin-Cassidy is popstar David Cassidy's wife.  Visit the website  I loved the computer/car story as did I love so many others.
Conclusion - Hysterically funny.  Definitely worth a peek at.

"I wrote the book because I got an email about how to tell the first signs of a stroke and I wanted to be sure I could find it if I was ever in the middle of having one.  That led me to printing it out.  Then I got another email called "The Physics of Hell" that I thought was so smart, I simply had to have a hard copy.  That's when I realized what a great book these modern "letters" would make."  Sue Shifrin-Cassidy

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