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The Way of the Shark - Lessons on Golf, Business, and Life
by Greg Norman with Donald T. Phillips
Atria Books
ISBN 0-7432-8774-6
Published October 2006 - Hardcover - 326 pages - $29.95

Greg Norman has been a fixture on the pro golf circuit for as long as I can remember.  It's usually his shock of blonde hair often hidden beneath his trademark stetson-like hat that you notice.  Not only was he a force to be reckoned with on the golf course, he's an astute businessman with fingers in the wine industry, clothing industry, golf course design, and real estate.  From modest beginnings on the Queensland coast of Australia, the young Greg loved the outdoors, particularly surfing, scuba diving, and sailing.  Quite out of the blue, and after they'd moved south to Brisbane and he caddied one day for his mother, after her game he hit a few balls himself.  That was his start in golf.  Ultimately he preferred the individuality of golf so he gave up teamsports.  He's pretty much self-taught (he did take lessons too), and I admire his attitude towards learning, "getting" the lessons, and his dedication to whatever it is he's involved with.  He played golf with Jack Nicklaus and was given great advice from him too.  Seems as though everyone's (good) advice he took to heart, and it all meant something to the young Norman.  He ventured to America to play in tournaments, won, and was well on his way to becoming the incredible professional player he is.  Norman writes about memorable tournaments he both won and lost, about the ups and down with the media and business, his philanthropic ventures, his travels, his family (very little), his fellow golfers, his golf course design company, and his ballsy business acumen.  His emotional recollection of past tournaments (both won and lost) is remarkable and quite moving.  I was brought to tears in chapter fifteen.
Conclusion - Fabulous message of heeding the advice of others, applying yourself to every task, and learning to believe in yourself.  A greatly uplifting and encouraging read.

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