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The Sauce Book by Paul Gayler Books in Review
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The Sauce Book - 300 Foolproof Sauces from Hollandaise, Hoisin and Salsa Verde to Cranberry, Caramel and Crème Pâtissière
by Paul Gayler
Kyle books
ISBN 978-1-906868-83-3
Published 2008 - Softcover - 224 pages - $22.95

It's amazing what a little sauce can do for a dish.  Some of my dishes tend to be too dry, and if I knew how to make a few sauces, my problem would be solved.  I love Paul Gayler's books and was desperate to read this one in the hopes I would learn a few tricks.  And, as opposed to store-bought sauces, homemade ones won't have preservatives and other yucky additives.  All you need is a little patience as you practice and elevate your sauce skills.  Chef Gayler says, "You can give a piece of plain grilled fish or meat a French, Italian, Indian or Mexican character, depending on whether you serve it with hollandaise, salmoriglio, raita or chimichurri".  His book covers five geographical regions: France, Europe and the Mediterranean, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific Rim.  There is also the option of changing sauces to suit your palate—no hard and fast rules.  Stock, apparently, is the essential ingredient to good sauces, and by stock Chef Gayler means real stock, which is not all that easy to make without the proper bones.  The very first recipe is for Hollandaise Sauce, and we're given the foods it goes well with (and he does the same for all the sauces) as well as variations, such as a Mustard Hollandaise or Black Truffle Mayonnaise.  I need to try these sauces: Sweet Pepper Sauce; Almond and Caper Salsa; Salsa Ranchero; Salsa Guasacaca; Yellow Plum Sauce, and Tomato and Coconut Sambal.  From the sweet section, I'd love to make my own Crème Pâtissière and Lemon Curd Sauce.  I felt a strong desire for a good steak with Béarnaise Sauce after reading this book!
Beautifully illustrated.  No nutritional guides.
Conclusion - An absolute essential for anyone wishing to take their dishes up a notch or three.  What a difference a sauce makes!

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