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Celebrity Detox - The Fame Game
by Rosie O'Donnell
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 0-446-58224-7
Published October 2007 - Hardcover - 211 pages - $23.99

Love her or hate her, Rosie's here to stay.  I'm somewhere in between.  Sometimes I marvel at her work with children, then I loathe her petty bickering (it does take two) with Trump on TV.  I wasn't too keen to read this book but after all the hoopla died down, I picked it up and gave it a go.  It seems that fame is to blame in this case.  That elusive-for-most thing that promises to bring happiness and riches.  Riches maybe, but true happiness can't be bought in my opinion.  Rosie O'Donnell sheds light on her own life in the limelight, and out of it; she talks about the famous people she knows, how fame affects her own personal life, about her career, The View, Barbara Walters, and much more.  There is much about the reasons Rosie left her own show, how she struggled deciding about whether or not to go back into television, and a lot of what she did (and does) when not on the air.  I loved the Billie Jean King story.  She also shares some of her blogs and explains some of the blow-ups we all saw on TV.  She also talks about the effect fame has had on her family life, especially her children, and the associated guilt, about her crafts, and of course, about Ms. Streisand, as well as her Kel.  Oh, and Donald Trump too.  This is kind of Rosie's philosophy on her life.  Trump slumped to an all-time low in my estimation.  He acted like a spoilt brat which lost him major Brownie points in my book.  Oh, I too abhor beauty pageants - they're pathetic and a complete waste of very useable money.  Rosie is human after all, so reading about her issues with fame, and being real for herself and her children, was refreshing.  I love and admire her work with children.  Bless you Rosie.
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Conclusion - Get her side of the story.  The hoopla?  Completely over the top and all out of proportion - typical media frenzy and overkill.

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