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The Revolution - A Manifesto by Ron Paul Books in Review
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The Revolution - A Manifesto
by Ron Paul
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 0-446-53751-9
Published April 2008 - Hardcover - 173 pages - $21.00

Not being very political myself, yet always interested in people with something positive to say, I had to read The Revolution by Congressman and presidential candidate (although you'd never know it), Ron Paul.  The dust jacket says, "He has devoted his political career to the defense of individual liberty, sound money, and a noninterventionist foreign policy."  The very three things that are threatening this country, if you're able to seek out the "news" from sources other than the obvious, who it seems, only tell us what they want to tell us, or, what they're allowed to tell us.  There is no doubt that the liberties once so sought after and lavished upon Americans, are rapidly being diffused.  Ron Paul, it seems, holds dear the Constitution, the very thing this country is based upon, and which is being altered at an alarming rate.  He eloquently spells out where the government is falling short and what can be done about sorting the mess out, and it's so simple it's laughable that others don't get it.  He talks about foreign policy and America's military presence overseas.  A poignant sentence: "We should let the best measure of our American greatness come from free and peaceful trade with other nations, not from displays of our military might."  Touché.  Also discussed are abortion, racisim, economic freedom (read the sugar story on pages 72/73), income tax, the military/draft, health care (pages 85-90 - Ron Paul is a doctor of obstetrics), education and a whole lot more.  Another couple of interesting quotes: "A policy of overthrowing or destabilizing every regime our government dislikes is no strategy at all, unless our goal is international chaos and domestic impoverishment," (People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - my quip) and, "As a physician, I never accepted Medicare or Medicaid money from the government, and instead offered cut-rate or free services to those who could not afford care."  (This says a lot about a doctor carrying out the oath he took.)
Op Ed: Some things I find astoundingly disturbing: Why is America, the most powerful and supposedly progressive country in the world, borrowing money from China and other countries?  Why is the deficit so out of control?  Why does America point fingers when her own backyard is in such a mess?  Why the inexcusable waste of money on the presidental campaigns when there are hungry, homeless, and/or uneducated people who could have made very good use of all those millions?  Why, in this enormous country, are there only two candidates running for president?  In my opinion, actions speak louder than the words being spoken as campaign promises.  How come these "promises" always surface every four years?  If they kept their promises and sorted things out, there would be other things to consider every four years.  Have you ever actually noticed your taxes being lowered?  Seriously, have you?  It's playground politics - children poking fun at each other in public.  Grow up and be the "men" you propose to be.  Politics would be a lot less monotonous if these critical issues were addressed.
Visit Dr. Ron Paul's website at www.ronpaul.org.
See my review of Ron Paul's other book, End the Fed.
Conclusion - This book is food for thought, and I recommend everyone read it before the November elections.  I agree with Dr. Paul's common sense approach to freedom.  He makes sense.  After all, I wrote a book on common sense.

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