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Inside My Heart - Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose
by Robin McGraw
Nelson Books
ISBN 0-7852-1836-X
Published September 2006 - Hardcover - 225 pages - $24.99

Robin McGraw, wife of the fab Dr. Phil, says of herself in her acknowledgments, "...this little behind-the-scenes "country girl" finding her way through the maze of the public eye".  Not any longer, ma'am.  You're very much part of our lives, and your enthusiasm and niceness is appealing.  You can spot Mrs. McGraw on each episode of "Dr. Phil" as they both exit the studio holding hands.  Their union seems to be working as they've been married for thirty years and still hold hands.  Their devotion to each other is palpable.  This is her first book and she tells her story of life as a woman, a wife, a mother, and the choices she made for herself along the way.  This is about the choices we can and should make for ourselves in our own lives.  She says, "You see, I absolutely believe that in order for a woman to experience happiness, fulfillment, and peace, she needs to know two things: who she is and who she's meant to be".  If only it were that simple.  Also, "I believe that in this life, we are defined not by the station in life into which we are born, nor by our pedigree, race, or religion, but by the choices we make".  She relates the story of her young life with loving parents (her father was an alcoholic), her sisters, and her twin brother.  Doggedly determined is one way I'd describe Robin, focused and headstrong is another.  I also believe she has the courage of her convictions which is how she's managed to achieve so much happiness and contentment in her life and in her marriage.  I particularly loved the important lesson about women and their feelings she imparted to her son at a young age - if only every mother would do this.  To some, in some instances, she may appear to be submissive; to me, she appears liberated and assertive.  We're a lot alike, except I never married, never had children, and don't live in Beverly Hills.  God knows the choices I've made, mainly passionate choices, and yet I'm not sure they've been the right ones.  I'm broke, with no place of my own, and feeling hopeless about my future.  It makes a change to read an inspiring book instead of one of family violence and abuse.  No photographs.  Visit Robin at her website.
Conclusion - A positive message for women - we sometimes need the reassurance.  Could this be the handbook we've been looking for?

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