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Rinnavation - Getting Your Best Life Ever
by Lisa Rinna
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN 978-1-4169-4863-6
Published May 2009 - Hardcover - 206 pages - $26.00

With everyone trying to live their best life, and many succeeding, more are trying to spread the word in the hope we'll all be happy, healthier, and feel better about things.  Lisa Rinna is no exception.  For those of us who don't know her from Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, some of us saw her on Dancing with the Stars and enjoyed her enthusiasm and effervescence.  One can hardly believe someone in her position (working actress, slim, healthy, happily married, mother of two, etc. etc.) needing to get her life together.  How do you think I feel?  Single, never married, childless, living in a friend's basement, no job, no car, no money, fairly healthy....  All people are poles apart yet there is a connection - we all want to be at our best.  I'm happy.  Lisa obviously wasn't.  Go figure.  However, she imparts how she took hold of her life, made conscious and effective decisions to better herself (lose baby weight, low self-esteem).  [Ed's note: As far as eating properly is concerned, it's simply a case of moderation.  It's that simple.  If you over-indulge, you pay the price.]  Strangely, she claims moderation is her motto.  I didn't understand her statement under the Super-Quick Fix Look Great in Three Days section where she says: "I cut out all white food, processed food, sugar, alcohol, and salt three weeks before an event".  What if an event pops up tomorrow?  If she'd had things in moderation all along (no processed food at all), she wouldn't have to cut out stuff three weeks ahead!  For donkey's years it's been said that we need to exercise, even a daily walk is great.  In my mind, Lisa's obsessed with exercise - just reading all she's done and does (6x a week!) is exhausting.  Her fixation on looking good is a reflection of her vacuous and self-indulgent lifestyle.  I couldn't believe all the primping, preening, and exercise advice this woman advocates, all in the name of vanity (perhaps in the name of health when it comes to some of her exercise), and alarmingly, she recommends getting Botox (a poison for heaven's sake!!!) injections!!!!!  Look at her face on the back cover of the book - say no more.  The irony is that she says her husband likes her best when she's wearing jeans and a T-shirt with little or no make-up.  While it's all good and well eating properly and exercising regularly and looking after your skin, I cannot for the life of me imagine any non-Hollywood woman following even a part of Rinna's recommendations.  Most women just don't have the time and are not that obsessed with their looks.  It's pretty pathetic really, when there are so many other meaningful things one could be doing with one's life and time.  This, I feel, is why there is such a huge divide between the women of Hollywood and the women of the real world.  Also, I don't give much credibility to anyone who airs their intimate sex life laundry in public either.  That's really too much information and not something you should be blabbing to the world unless you're authoring a sex instruction book.  It's a case of having class, or not.  I shudder to think how her two young daughters are going to be teased at school about how their mother tells how she masturbates their father.  Unspeakably tacky.
Conclusion - Not for the everyday woman who doesn't have to be "red carpet ready" from one decade to the next.  Chapter Six is perhaps the only redeeming chapter in the book.

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