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Race You to the Fountain of Youth
by Martha Bolton and Brad Dickson
Howard Books
ISBN 1-4165-4399-6
Published October 2007 - Paperback - 195 pages - $13.99

Are people still searching for the fountain of youth?  Comedy writers Martha Bolton and Brad Dickson think so, hence their book.  Frankly, I don't get the paranoia about aging - we all age and there's diddly squat we can do about it, other than slinking into a plastic surgeon's office and coming out looking "frightened" and "spaced out."  But, you've got to laugh at the absurd lengths some people go to in the name of vanity.  Youth you cannot recapture, no matter what you do.  Men and women.  This book sees if from both perspectives, and both are very funny.  We've all seen how people fight the aging fight, sometimes with bizarre results, sometimes looking like a joke, and rarely, looking refreshed.  (I write about this too, in my book, The Obviousness Of it All - A Guide to Common Sense.)  It starts in your forties (sometimes sooner!) when you begin noticing things changing.  You notice a wrinkle that wasn't there before, or a gray hair peeking out, or some part of you is sagging.  It's what you do about it and how you cope mentally.  I fully agree with Martha Bolton and the feminine aspect (the first half of the book), that aging gets us all.  It ain't easy.  Brad has the second half of the book and enlightens us as to the aging of men.  We've seen the ones with bad toupees, badly dressed older men, outrageous sporty cars, deep tans, combovers, and more.  I honestly don't know who's more vain.  I thought Martha's take on women was by far funnier and more varied.  I do feel that the panic and nervous breakdowns could be avoided, and that aging is an attitude.  Embrace it and relax.
Conclusion - Funny, and I enjoyed the chuckles.

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