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Beading with Pearls - Beautiful Jewelry, Simple Techniques
edited by Jean Campbell
Lark Books
ISBN 1-60059-037-3
Published April 2008 - Hardcover - 128 pages - $24.95

With craft and bead stores stocked to the gills with an incredible array of stuff for us to make, the choices of what to make are seemingly endless.  This stunning book is full of exquisite designs to make at home.  The best part of making your own jewelry or accessories, is that you can closely match your clothes, especially if you're into color.  This book offers ideas for easy Beginner Projects to Experienced Beginner Projects to Intermediate Projects - something for everyone.  And get this!  Pearls are not only white, off-white, or black anymore.  There is an amazing range of color, shapes, and textures these days.  How about rice pearls, or potato pearls, or stick or baroque?  Do read both the Getting Started and Basic Techniques sections, as they're full of good-to-know information about this craft.  Some of the projects I fell in love with are: Honey Drizzle (necklace); Shanghai Click (pendant); Abundance (necklace), and the good-enough-for-Hollywood, Star Flowers (necklace).  I thought the designs were practical and elegant.  I'm very tempted to try and make a design or two myself.
Conclusion - Gorgeous and classy designs you can customize using your own colors.

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