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The Painspotter's Guide to Broken Britain - 50 People to Love, Hate, Blame, Rate by Andrew Holmes and Dan Wilson Books in Review
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The Painspotter's Guide to Broken Britain - 50 People to Love, Hate, Blame, Rate
by Andrew Holmes and Dan Wilson
Capstone Publishing LTD
ISBN 978-1906465711
Published January 2009 - Softcover - 210 pages - $14.95

During tough times it's always easier to find someone to blame (it's always easier to credit ourselves for the good times).  This global recession is getting on everyone's nerves, but if you can see the funny side, or at least the lighter side, then laugh whenever you can because laughter is a good antidote.  These two Brits pick on their countrymen and women as culprits or just plain pains.  They note that "The public's spending spree has hit a brick wall," and I don't think this pertains soley to Britain.  Government spending doesn't abate and neither do officials' salaries and benefits and lifestyles.  Holmes and Wilson say, "It's a real shame we don't live in medieval times, as most of government would find themselves on the end of the tip of a very sharp sword or perhaps a blunt farm implement."  They have a go at the banking community, the general public, over spending celebrities, Gordon Brown, and of course "the idiots in power".  We're given ratings in the book to help "decide who is ultimately blameworthy".  They tackle people like the many consumers out there, the downwardly mobile, tax evaders, the nuevo altruist, the pissed-off state pensioner, the pseudo rich, property bores, Cohabiting Divorcees (really? do they do this?), scroungers, Dubai Deserters, the extended family, the Gravy Train Politician, the miserable middle class, and many more dissatisfied and unhappy people.  All tongue-in-cheek (for the most part), well written, observant, and wildly funny.
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Conclusion - The solution?  Always live within your means and exercise self-control.  If not, read this book again.

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