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Against All Odds - My Story
by Chuck Norris
Broadman Holman Publishers
ISBN 0-80540316106
Published September 2004 - Hardcover - 246 pages - $24.99

Barely surviving his own birth, Carlos Ray Norris went on to do great things with his life, but not before being shunted from place to place by his drunkard of a father.  His mother, whom he credits as instilling faith in God in him from the very beginning, was his mainstay growing up and he candidly recalls his early childhood in Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Arizona.  After high school he joined the Air Force and it was there that he became "Chuck" Norris and as a result of a tour of duty in Korea, he learned Korean Karate, or tang soo do, the start of things to come.  Prior to leaving for Korea, Chuck married his sweetheart Dianne - they were eighteen and seventeen respectively - and a few years later, they had two sons.  He relates how he got into show business, the karate schools he built up across the country, the people he met, and how his life was influenced by so many unforeseen acts.  The book is well-written and enjoyable to read, and it is always great to hear the "right" side of so many media mess-ups.  He tells about his friendship with Bruce Lee and about his sudden death.  I found Norris' story compelling and interesting to note he was the six-time World Professional Middleweight Karate Champion.  By reading this poignant account of his life, you'll get a much better understanding of the man himself and his very interesting life.  His website and Top Kick Productions will give you more information.  Proceeds from this book will go to KICKSTART.
Conclusion - Well worth reading and one of the better books I've read.  Bravo, Mr. Norris. BookBrowser


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