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A Song Flung Up To Heaven
by Maya Angelou
Random House
ISBN 0-375-50747-7
Published April 2002 - Hardcover - 214 pages

A Song Flung Up To Heaven is the sixth volume in Ms. Angelou's fascinating autobiography.  She started it all with "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" (published circa 1969) and followed it with "Gather Together in My Name" (circa 1974); "Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin' Merry Like Christmas" (circa 1976); "The Heart of a Woman" (circa 1981); and "All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes" (circa 1986).  In this book she relates her return to America from Africa to take a position with Malcolm X.  Pre-job, and while visiting family in California, Malcom X was assassinated.  Upon her move to New York, she met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and was about to start a job with him, when he too was assassinated.  That would be enough to derail anyone but with the help of friends, of which James Baldwin was one, she rallied and got through her depression.  Although Ms. Angelou had already had a somewhat exotic career as a dancer and performer, poet and singer, she branched out to television and was offered a publishing contract to write her autobiography.  She was about forty years old.  Now this exceptional talent was well on her way to becoming the much-loved writer, poet, teacher, and director we know today.  Never have I been so deeply moved by anyone's life story, so much so that I have now read all six "episodes", and so look forward to getting my hands on her next installment, the wait I hope, will not be measured in as many years.  I adore Ms. Angelou's work and in many instances, she moves me to tears.  Her poetry is also a wonderment and worth getting to know.  I wish I could get to hear her speak.
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Conclusion - A true inspiration to all women and I strongly recommend this read.  Try and read the books in the correct order for a greater appreciation. BookBrowser

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