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The Complete Makeup and Beauty Book by Leigh Toselli Books in Review
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The Complete Makeup and Beauty Book
by Leigh Toselli
New Holland Publishers
ISBN 978-1-84330-878-2
Published September 2004 - Softcover - 128 pages - $14.95

Now, these books would really help us if they made us look like the women inside.  How many of us just slap on foundation (sometimes), flick on a little blush, maybe paint a little line around the eyes, and brush on some mascara (not always) and that's that?  Esteemed model-designer-makeup artist-stylist-fashion coordinator-Beauty Editor Leigh Toselli says, "Ultimately, it's not about what rules to follow, but about learning how to adapt the various techniques to best suit your own unique style."  And who among us is not unique?  Toselli talks about skin, its various types and how to care (cleanse, hydrate, and protect) for it properly, which includes masks and exfoliants among other routines.  She enlightens the reader along the way by dispelling old ways and introducing new ideas.  Personally, I feel that if you don't start with a clean and healthy canvas, your makeup work-of-art won't be as fabulous.  Toselli goes on to talk about applying makeup, the necessary tools you'll need, foundation, concealers, eyes and suitable makeup, eyebrows, lips and lipstick, cheeks, and more.  Although beautifully photographed, the illustrations are all of young women, flawlessly made up.  Only one picture of an older woman (also flawlessly made up) is featured, and even though Toselli offers tips for older skin, the visual impact of older women would have been tremendous.  The bottom line is that if you're well made up, you'll hardly notice it at all.  And, one's diet is all important, so make sure you're eating properly and hydrating enough.
See my review of Leigh's other book, A Complete Guide to Manicure & Pedicure.
Conclusion - Very helpful and a must for all makeup-wearing gals.

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