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Acrylics Unleashed by Glyn Macey Books in Review
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Acrylics Unleashed
by Glyn Macey
Search Press
ISBN 978-184448-796-7
Published December 2012 - Softcover - 144 pages - $24.95

This is the second book by Glyn Macey that I've read, and it's such fun.  Do read his Introduction which is full of good information.  Even though this book is called Acrylics Unleashed, he uses a wide variety of anything plus acrylics, like sand, pastels, pencils, string, torn magazine pages, shells and so on.  His colors are often dramatic, and in the case of the painting on page 21, rather haunting.  I love all three examples on page 53 and I may give them a go.  I'm not a very patient painter so the idea of layering doesn't particularly appeal to me, however, when you see the end results, you have to rethink things.  Such is the beauty and benefits of books like this one.  Macey's results make it all look possible.  Take a look at the paintings on pages 70/71 and 78/79 and 96/97.  Something extremely useful (and something that never occurred to me) is how he painted the Seascape starting on page 136.  The strokes are gorgeous.  In this book Macey elaborates on color, paint, palette, surfaces, other materials, brushes, etc.  I found his Techniques interesting and in fact, this book encompasses a wide variety of ways to paint, not necessarily using just brushes.  My favorite painting in this book is on page 152, and I love the streetlamp on page 113.
Conclusion - Easy to find your inner child as you have fun doing whatever you want to do, with subtle guidance.

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