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All My Life by Susan Lucci Books in Review
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All My Life - A Memoir
by Susan Lucci with Laura Morton
It Books
ISBN 978-0-06-206184-3
Published March 2011 - Hardcover - 322 pages - $25.99

I have to admit that I've never watched All My Children but I do know who Susan Lucci is.  Don't know her character's story but I was looking forward to reading about this enduring actress' life.  I found her Italian/Swedish/French-German background interesting as she recalls her very interested-in-his-family father, how she didn't really fit in (too ethnic) in her neighborhood (Long Island, NY), her Italian grandmother, and her red-haired mother.  Lucci knew from a young age that she liked to act (play acting/directing/choreographing shows at home) and pursued it during and after college.  Her story is rather like a Cinderella story in that she met and married the love of her life, landed the role of Erica Kane in the burgeoning soap opera, and thus began the life/career of the Susan Lucci we know today.  Stable upbringing, no terrible scandals or drug or alcohol abusers, and no divorces helps make for a happy life.  Presumably.  She gushes about her beautiful and wonderful two children and their accomplishments, but the book is predominantly a recap of her role as Erica Kane on All My Children as well as her other work, which includes a stint on Broadway, a five-year cabaret "tour" with Regis Philbin, a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, her involvement with Feed the Children, and her move from New York to Los Angeles.  She also gushes on about her co-workers and crew ad infinitum.  Too gushy.
Conclusion - Nothing to write home about.  Perhaps would appeal to die-hard AMC fans.  In a word?  Unremarkable.

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