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Lord of the Dance - My Story
by Michael Flatley with Douglas Thompson
ISBN 0-7432-9179-4
Published March 2006 - Hardcover - 325 pages - $24.95

Michael Flatley burst onto the scene like a rocket.  He and his troupe thrilled us with their electrifying footwork and brought us the riveting Riverdance and his Lord of the Dance shows.  His professionalism and energy was (and is) unsurpassed.  American-born "Irishman" Michael Flatley took the world by storm, and his life, at times, was just as tumultous.  Before he was a dancer, he was a flautist and a boxer, winning many matches and later releasing a few CDs of his music.  His competitive spirit (combined with a great work ethic) saw him give his best at whatever it was he was doing.  Flatley is proud of his work ethic instilled in him when growing up.  He helped his father dig ditches and do plumbing work, even if it meant it ate into their afterhours time.  His belief in himself took him a long way towards others eventually looking up to and admiring him.  He started taking dance lessons (Irish dance) relatively late - 11 years old.  Right from the start he put his own twist on the steps, and not long thereafter, he won many competitions and championships before moving on and devising the phenomenal success that is Riverdance.  Remarkably, and shockingly, he was fired after the first performance.  Devastated as he was, he dusted himself off and put together the equally phenomenal and successful Lord of the Dance, this time ensuring he maintained full control.  Once his finances improved and fame a thing to live with, Mr. Flatley travelled the world, put shows on around the world, bought and lived in homes around the world, and created a dance empire for the world to enjoy.  A far cry from his boyhood in Chicago.  There are anecdotes and recollections throughout the book from family and friends and associates, who give glowing accounts of this talented and very generous man.  He got himself into the Guiness Book of World Records - 28 taps a second!  Visit Michael Flatley's website.
Conclusion - Inspiring and an infinitely interesting book.

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