Create Your Life Book by Tamara Laporte Books in Review
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Create Your Life Book
by Tamara Laporte
Quarto Publishing
ISBN 978-1-63159-353-6
Published 2018 - Softcover - 144 pages - $22.99

I follow Tamara Laporte (Willowing) on Instagram and she's a lot of fun, but I didn't know she had published this book.  Her vibrant and eye-catching art is so uplifting and it draws you in to see more detail and unexpected surprises.  Tamara's messages of encouragement and inspiring words are terribly important, not only to budding artists, but to anyone not feeling confident or sure of themsleves or of their capabilities as an artist.  Her positive reinforcement goes a long way to making us feel better about ourselves, and in turn, she's hoping to help heal the world.  This book is made up of some of the most popular projects from the first six years of Life Book, and the projects can be done and bound together to form your own Life Book.  There are 18 projects divided into four sections, one being Letting Go, Manifesting and Celebrating.  What a great idea!  Tamara is known for her expressive faces, and her quirky birds, and I love how each project has helpful step-by-step photos so you really get a feel for her process.  Her busy mixed media creations are so beautiful and happy that you can't help but smile.  Ones I really like and would like to try myself, include those on pages 26/27, 53 and 100/101.  I adore the Gratitude List project on page 126.  I love all the doodling which is one way to warm up or relax as you create.  Life Book is a year-long art course and there are quite a few contributors whose work is included in this book.  You can join the Life Book 2022 by visiting Tamara's website  Her videos are fabulous!
Five stars!

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