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Suck on This Year - LYFAO@140 Characters or Less by Denis Leary Books in Review
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Suck on This Year - LYFAO@140 Characters or Less
by Denis Leary
ISBN 978-0-670-02289-2
Published December 2010 - Hardcover - 104 pages - $18.00

Many of us, Denis Leary included, are still trying to come to grips with modern technology.  I, for one, still don't know how to use an iPhone (I prefer a Netbook for my "portable internet") and I've never Tweeted.  And, I don't get all the abbreviations, except that is, the very annoying and over-used LOL.  [Have we become so bored with our own lives that we now need to wait with baited breath to see what others are doing?  Usually it's ridiculously mind-numbing junk like they've just seen so and so, or just had a cup of delicious coffee, or anything else equally inane, useless, and time-wasting.]  Now, Mr. Leary is a few steps ahead of me in that he does tweet, and usually at someone else's expense.  In this little book of his he imparts fun and funny bits and bobs a la Twitter-style (basically one-liners) for us who don't have twitterers.  [What do you call all these people who twitter?  Twits.  My joke, not Mr. Leary's.]   Here are a few of his one-liners, er tweets.  "Lettuce recalled in 23 states.  Experts fear it could affect up to 5 Americans."  Or this one: "Larry King puts his divorce on hold.  And another one on marriage forwarding."  What about this one? "The Pope is against gay marriage.  This coming from a grown man who goes to work dressed like Lady Gaga."  (illustration shows the Pope in full regalia.)  My favorite tweet is this one: "Cheney gets heart pump implant.  Lets all pray it's made by BP."
Visit Denis Leary's website.  A portion of any profits the author earns from sales of this book will be donated to the Leary Firefighters Foundation.  If he brings one of these books out a month, he'll make a lot of money for his charity.
Conclusion - Astute observations of the well-known who abound the airwaves.  Buy a copy to help firefighters and have a few good laughs at the same time.

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