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Leap of Faith - Memoirs of an Unexpected Life
by Queen Noor
Miramax Books
ISBN 0786867175
Published March 2003 - Hardcover - 480 pages

I so enjoyed this extremely open and refreshing book.  It was like a history lesson and memoir rolled into one.  I learned so much more about life in this region and at last, got a glimpse as to what kind of man the King of Jordan really was, and, how this regal American woman learned to fit in.  Their lives seem so ordinary now, not how we were led to believe.  I am so tired of television, newspapers and gossip magazines speculating about how the 'other half' live.  Now I think I know.  Beautifully crafted and a rare insight into the life of a Queen - Who'da thought?
Conclusion - Do yourself a favor and read this one.

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