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Landscape Makeovers (HGTV)
Meredith Books
ISBN 0-696-21764-3
Published January 2004 - Softcover - 224 pages - $19.95

I thought landscaping applied just to gardens.  Now I've learned that you can also landscape a patio, a balcony, a backyard putting green, as well as the usual extraordinary changes in the gardens.  I cannot imagine not using a book like this for much-needed inspiration.  Watching the HGTV program is also a lot of help and fun.  From putting in a fish pond, to making a swing for the garden, laying paving stones, arranging patio furniture, big or small, it's all in this book.  I loved the tropical feel to the mosaic entry on pages 110/111, the teeny backyard on page 123 (bottom right picture), the quaint cottage on page 11, and the ranch house on page 9.  They also give you design plans and plant information which is extremely helpful.  Even if you're totally inept at design projects, this book has ideas that the pros know how to use which, in turn, will help you.
Conclusion - A wonderful book to have when needing or wanting a change from the old and dreary.  Very inspirational.


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