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A Man Without a Country
by Kurt Vonnegut
Seven Stories Press
ISBN 1-58322-713-X
Published September 2005 - Hardcover - 146 pages - $23.95

This is a delightful account of Mr. Vonnegut's observations of life in America, with a humorous angle.  Sometimes you don't realize he's being funny because he's so convincing, making this book a joy to read.  He talks about our fixation with fuel, extended families (Kennedy's and Navahos), Shakespeare, Karl Marx, war, the government, the human race, and so much more.  Wit and skill abound in this serious/funny book and it's bound to make you smile in recognition of his anecdotes.  There is some artwork by the author as well.  Visit to see more of his original artwork.  I found myself agreeing with him a lot, and his comparisons from earlier times are great.
Conclusion - Greatly entertaining and insightful.

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