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The Amorous Busboy of Decatur Avenue - A Memoir
by Robert Klein
ISBN 0-684-85488-0
Published May 2005 - Hardcover - 356 pages - $24.95

Actor/comedian Robert Klein has that kind of familiar face you just can't place.  By coincidence, just before reading this book, I watched a video entitled "Two Weeks Notice" in which Mr. Klein starred.  He's much better known than a few movies, he's done many theatre productions and starred in "Sisters" on television.  His memoirs is colorfully written with almost explicit detail as he chronicles his early childhood and friends growing up in the Bronx in the fifties, his over-cautious parents, his stint as a singer in the TeenTones, and his time in Chicago.  Stories of his sexuality abound and his unexpected breakthrough into acting.  It's a very "me, me, me" kind of book, as one would expect, but Klein hilariously brings along many characters whom we meet along the way, starting with the neighborhood kids, his school pals, college kids, and then come the adults.  He comes across as a bit of a bumbling but likeable fellow and develops into a really capable man.  His devout appreciation of Bach, love of the theatre, comedic touch, and incredible recall of his sexual youth, will keep you turning the pages.  A journey through his life, if you will, including his sex life, without being smutty or crude.  In fact, he's quite eloquent and has a great vocabulary (or a good editor) which makes for an interesting read.  I found it very amusing and in places I laughed out loud.  He really does have a way with words.
Conclusion - Very funny and very interesting.  Worthwhile.

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