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I Hate Other People's Kids
by Adrianne Frost
Simon Spotlight Entertainment
ISBN 1-4169-0988-5
Published February 2006 - Softcover - 139 pages - $9.95

Hate is a pretty harsh word.  However, Ms. Frost says, "But you don't have to like every kid you come into contact with".  Also, "In fact, it's perfectly acceptable to out-and-out dislike them before they do anything at all.  We have rights too!  We have the right not to get screamed at, stepped on, or kicked by kids".  I agree.  (Remember, this is a humorous book.)  I too, dislike many kids who belong to other people.  Mostly to people I don't even know.  Ms. Frost touches on hoochie mama girls, little girl pageants (my absolute worst!), and creepy kids.  Other things she mentions, which I totally agree with, are the "silly lace headbands" , overachievers, kids in stores, parents who have to constantly talk about their baby's birth, those endless baby photos and/or videos (BORING!), kids in restaurants or at adults' parties (another pet peeve of mine), and kids throwing out-of-control tantrums in public places.  Perhaps Ms. Frost's sense of humor somewhat exaggerates her dislike of other people's kids, but you have to laugh your way through this book.  Other people's kids I don't like being around include know-alls, undisciplined brats, loud kids, unmannered children, the ones who demand your attention so that they can sing or dance (give me a break!) for you, and the like.  I purposefully don't have kids either.  Woo hoo.  See my Blog on other people's children.
Conclusion - Really funny.  More so if you don't have kids of your own.

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