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Journeys of a Lifetime - 500 of the World's Greatest Trips
National Geographic
ISBN 1-4262-0125-7
Published October 2007 - Hardcover - 400 pages - $40.00

Can you never seem to come to a decision as to where to take your next vacation?  Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean?  Tough huh?  I like to think I've traveled some, but definitely not to 500 destinations as featured in this book.  Not even half of that.  Not even a quarter of that.  Wouldn't have the time or money.  However, I do love foreign destinations so I was naturally drawn to this book, and who better to show me the world than National Geographic?  Of course the photographs are mouthwateringly stunning and enticing.  Some vacation examples include: Over the Great Barrier Reef; Crossing Transylvania; Bourbon Trail; Musical Journey to Central Europe; The Glacier Express, or the Oregon Trail.  They cover trips to Canada; Peru; New Guinea; New Zealand; Egypt; China; Australia; Finland; Italy; Mali; Bolivia; Japan; India; Russia, and so many more.  You can choose to do a cruise or a boat ride, a road trip, a train trip, on foot, a culture rush, a food trip, action trip, from the air, or in their footsteps type of vacation.  And each trip offers great advice like When to Go; How Long; Planning; Inside Information, and they give relevant Website addresses.  They offer a bonus of Highlights too.  Two trips I would very much like to take are both road trips: Highway 1 in California and Highway 1 in the Florida Keys.
Conclusion - I'm happy to say I've been to quite a few places featured in this gorgeous book, and I'm secretly tempted to go to a few more.  What a treat of a book.

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