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The Art of Living Well - Looking Good, Feeling Great by Joan Collins Books in Review
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The Art of Living Well - Looking Good, Feeling Great
by Joan Collins
SourceBooks, Inc.
ISBN 978-1-4022-0942-0
Published October 2006 - Hardcover - 224 pages - $24.95

I love the idea that people can learn about life from others, and I wholeheartedly agree with the fabulous Joan Collins about too many parents today not having "the child-rearing know-how that my mother and grandmothers possessed.  How did they know greens were good for you?  Why did they insist on us being out in the open air, playing or doing gymnastics every day?"  [In my opinion, too many children are left to their own devices these days.  Any wonder so many are in trouble?  Reviewer's comment.]  Joan Collins has style and flair in abundance, and knows how to be herself in any situation, how to care for her body, carry herself well, and look so darn glam.  She talks about slowing down the clock, HRT, healthy eating, exercise, hair and make-up, wardrobe, love, sex, and more.  Of course she also talks about marriage and weddings.  I loved this bit about obesity: "During food rationing in the first World War there was a huge reduction in the obesity of the citizens of Europe and the States.  With that came a reduction in the obesity-related diseases of diabetes and hypertension.  Doesn't that tell you something about our diets today?"  I wonder if the same thing happened during WWII?  Ms. Collins is a firm believer in eating correctly, and gives us some of her (and others') recipes in her book.  The benefit of exercise is vital and there are simple exercises to tackle a few times a week.  Ms. Collins is living proof of a body and soul well looked after.  If we don't look after ourselves properly, no one else will.  I thought Chapter 7 perhaps the most beneficial of all to women.  Read it and see why.  Lots of savvy advice and a lot of common sense (things we should be taught at school and at home) abound in this book.  All will help to get you looking and feeling great.
Visit Joan Collins' website.
Conclusion - Great advice for all women, and a lot of background info on Ms. Collins' life.

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