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Society's Child - My Autobiography by Janis Ian Books in Review
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Society's Child - My Autobiography
by Janis Ian
Jeremy Tarcher/Penguin
ISBN 978-1-58542-675-1
Published July 2008 - Hardcover - 362 pages - $26.95

Life in the sixties in this country, for some, was hell.  Janis Ian's early life wasn't horrendous, but it wasn't wonderful having the FBI and CIA watch your family during those neurotic (for the government) times.  Her songwriting came early, as did success, and she'd put out a record at the age of 15.  School?  That's a whole other story.  I enjoyed reading about her growing up in Jew Jersey with her little family, and Ms. Ian's writing is clear, distinctive, and very illustrative to the point that you can visualize her family home and surroundings.  She mingled with many of the greats (Joplin, Hendrix, Zappa) as her star ascended, but there was always tension, insecurity, and stress to deal with.  Her story is uplifting in that as an artist, she followed her dream and her joy, reaching heady heights.  But, it wasn't easy and didn't get any easier the older she got.  She tells of her love-life, touches on a little drug use (who didn't smoke pot in the sixties?), the highs and lows of being famous, and the process of writing songs.  Her songs were written not necessarily for the masses, but were rather more personal.  Her creative force was one to be reckoned with and people began recording her work.  It's as though she had two starts, and as she says, "a star at fifteen and a has-been at seventeen".  Her heart was in the right place the second time around; Roberta Flack recorded her song Jesse, she got a good contract, and off she went.  Janis takes us on an emotional trip from her leaving New York to live and work in Los Angeles, her abusive marriage, her tours, songwriting, colleagues, friends and family, and more.  I felt akin to Ms. Ian's money problems (mine is that I don't have any) and how she coped after losing everything because of unscrupulous money people.  Her story is compelling.  She got the whole Internet/auction thing going, got the purchasing/downloading of music going, got the love of her life in her life, got very sick, and then thankfully got healthy again.  She's a breath of fresh air.
Visit her website at www.janisian.com.
Conclusion - Heartfelt words full of emotion, painting a portrait of a young artist who grew up to become a caring and concerned individual.  Loved her story.

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