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I My In-Laws
by Dina Koutas Poch
Henry Holt and Company
ISBN 0-8050-8279-4
Published July 2006 - Paperback - 225 pages - $15.00

Now, I've never had any in-laws myself, but I have had a few introductions to parents in my time.  And I've also met a few Jewish Mamas, who were all very nice.  Author Dina Koutas Poch's experiences however, and the experiences of others, put a whole new angle on single women meeting their potential in-laws, and reading her book is a hoot.  You'll find hints and tips on where to meet your future in-laws ("This isn't a round of golf with Tiger Woods - you don't want to start with a handicap."), what to wear, how to cope in any number of scenarios, how to sweet-talk any in-law, step-in-laws, gifts, conversation (can be torturous - me), vacations, what not to say, pregnancy and grandkids, and of course, weddings.  I loved this (under the Manipulator In-Law): "Did you want butter with that or are you still trying to lose some weight?"  I nearly peed in my pants I laughed so hard.  I also loved the Location, Location, Location chapter - so funny.  There is also a collection of anecdotes from others who had first-time meetings and experiences, so there's something for everyone in this book - it'll give you more than just a few laughs.
Visit Dina's website.
Conclusion - This is a guide if ever I saw one - it covers everything.

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