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India - Colors and Shadows of Spirituality
by Adrian Mayer
White Star
ISBN 88-544-0207-2
Published February 2007 - Hardcover - 128 pages - $9.95

In many ways India is westernized yet still so very "India".  This enormous country is home to over a billion people.  Staggering.  This ancient country has much to offer the enthusiastic tourist.  From colonial buildings to palaces, affluence and extreme poverty, incredible geographic diversity, great food, spirituality and religions, this interesting and alluring country has an abundance of attractions.  Gorgeous photographs in this book, as well as interesting text to read and broaden your knowledge of this country.  Most people have heard of Madras, Calcutta, Agra, the Ganges, Kashmir, the Punjab, gurus, Hindu, Bengal tigers, Darjeeling and Assam (tea growing areas), but for the rest of India, you're going to want to find out.  India has a rich history of invaders, settlers, and colonialism.  A rich and fascinating history of religion is also to be found here.  Not only is India famous for its wonderful food, their fantastic assortment of wildlife, incredible terrain, extremely colorful and expressive clothing, but also, in my opinion, the most beautiful people on the planet.  Don't forget the sacred cow, yoga, and the Himalayas at the north eastern border.  Diverse doesn't begin to describe this richly blessed country.  There is also the gigantic film scene known as Bollywood, churning out zillions of movies.  Some of the architecture is phenomenally beautiful.  I'd never contemplated visiting this country but this book has whet my interest.  Please take a look at the picture on pages 122/123 of Mount Abu - hard to believe the magnificent craftsmanship.
Conclusion - An absolutely gorgeous book.

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