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Houses - Inside and Out
by Mariette Himes and Gomez
ISBN 0-06-112422-2
Published October 2007 - Hardcover - 244 pages - $39.95

Oh my goodness!  I have once again changed my mind about my dream house.  Award-winning designer and author Mariette Himes Gomez says of her work, "I especially love the process of turning houses into homes.  That is why I feel strongly about writing this book about houses, because it is not about decorating alone.  I see a house as a living concept and as a lifestyle choice."  I believe it takes a certain kind of person to decorate homes, and design homes, and I believe Ms. Himes Gomez is such a person.  Not everyone can successfully (or tastefully for that matter) decorate their homes, which is why there are so many books, magazines, and television programs on the subject.  I like her loving approach to decorating homes, but I have to say that I felt the homes and rooms featured in this book look as though they belong to older people, and people with money.  Maybe they don't have money and maybe that's her talent - making things look as though they're expensive when they're not.  Nevertheless, I still felt that these "decorations" are way beyond the reach of the average person's budget.  Rooms and houses I loved are: the cozy tea/coffee nook on page 17 (I love bay windows); the patio on page 29; pages 58/59 (very elegant); page 72 (the lower kitchen); page 97 (sans the pink and white chair which just makes it look cluttered); page 124, and page 208, my favorite.  Rooms and houses I didn't like are on pages 30/31 (tooooo stark, even for me), page 180/181, and page 188.  I loved the whole house starting on pages 104/105 - tranquil and warm.  From this book you'll understand the thought and planning that goes into building, renovating, revamping or redecorating your home.  I just love peeking inside other people's homes - it's such fun.
Visit Ms. Himes Gomez's website.
Conclusion - A delightful collection of homes to both admire and emulate.

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