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And You Know You Should Be Glad - A True Story of Lifelong Friendship
by Bob Greene
William Morrow
ISBN 0-06-088193-3
Published May 2006 - Hardcover - 327 pages - $24.95

I so loved Mr. Greene's "Once Upon a Town", and I was thrilled to come across this, his latest book.  Not having had the enviable luxury of a lifelong friend (in fact, I've not had the best of luck with "friends" at all), I was curious to find out how true friendships worked.  When I read the title, I mutely sang it as it is in the Beatles song, and realized, I was glad for the few friendships I do have, even though they weren't forged in kindergarten.  Mr. Greene paints a wonderful picture as we're introduced to Bexley, Ohio, and his childhood friends, one of whom was now dying at age 57.  They all rush back to be with the sick friend and we're taken on a joyous ride as Mr. Greene and Jack recall their distant past together, one last time.  It's not often one can return to one's early days, with a friend, and reminisce about streets they used to walk along, stores that used to be there, bus trips they took, classroom antics, local heroes, old hangouts, and more.  Mostly we get to know about Jack, but there is a little about the other three guys in the group too.  By the end of the book you'll feel as though you actually know these people.  Sadly, of course, Jack dies but the puzzle is complete.  This bond of friendship is rare.
See my reviews of two of Mr. Greene's other books, Once Upon a Town - The Miracle of the North Platte Canteen and Late Edition: A Love Story.
Conclusion - A delightful and very inspirational read.

"What a lovely and thoughtful review - thank you.  I appreciate it very much, and I'm pleased that you saw what I was trying to do in telling the story in And You Know You Should Be Glad.  Your words say very well what I was trying to convey in the book."   Bob Greene

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