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The Little Green Book of Beauty - 250 Tips for an Eco Lifestyle by Sarah Callard Books in Review
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The Little Green Book of Beauty - 250 Tips for an Eco Lifestyle
by Sarah Callard
Carlton Books
ISBN 978-1-84732-069-8
Published September 2009 - Softcover - 128 pages - $12.95

This book doesn't waste any time in getting going.  "From coaltar in hair dyes to formaldehyde in nail varnishes, the average woman is exposed to as many as 175 chemicals from her beauty products every day that can cause conditions as mild as skin irritation or as serious as cancer," it says on the first page.  Tip #1 says have a clear out of "everything but the essentials" in your bathroom cabinet.  Not easy when you've spent hard-earned money acquiring these products.  But, I guess, easy if you're trying to clean up your environment.  [What happens to all the discarded products anyway?  They end up polluting something somewhere, right?]  Another tip is to read the labels — look for fewer chemicals and learn the difference between "unscented" or "fragrance-free".  Watch out for some ingredients you use that are stored in the body and can be passed on to babies through breastfeeding!  Avoid hormone-disrupting chemicals such as phthalates in certain scents or hand and mouthwashes, as it's also an irritant.  Avoid anything that an animal has to die for, such as musk (musk deer), civet (civet cats are tormented to increase secretions), or castorium (from beavers' genital glands for which they're hunted and killed for heaven's sake).  Make sure your products don't have Propylene glycol in them as it's also used in antifreeze and brake fluid!  Instead, opt for herbal products, natural products, plant oils rather than mineral oils, and use organic essential oils.  This great little book also gives advice on what to drink to keep your skin (and body) hydrated, how to detox, which natural products to use to treat and clean your face, offers information on talc powder, deodorant, anti-bacterial products, toothpastes (strawberries are great for discolored teeth!), lipstick, and cleansers among other things.  Remember that no product will prevent you from ageing.  None.  Don't use products that are tested on animals.  That's just plain wrong.
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Conclusion - Everyone should read this book.  We can and should clean up our environment while we keep ourselves clean and healthy.

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