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Masters: Glass Beads
Curated by Larry Scott
Lark Books
ISBN 1-57990-924-8
Published May 2008 - Softcover - 335 pages - $24.95

Now this is something different and relatively new in the craft world.  Even though the art of glass beadmaking has been around for centuries, beadmaking is making a comeback.  This book is a veritable feast of photos that showcase the designs of forty beadmakers and they reflect a diversity of colors, shapes, sizes, and color combinations.  I've never seen such variety, colors, patterns, or shapes before.  I do love glass ornaments and fondly recall visiting a glass blowing factory in Venice, Italy some years back.  Each of the featured beadmakers has a brief bit of text on their backgrounds and a few pages featuring their works.  I can't begin to imagine such inspiration to create so many different designs, yet all are "beads" - some are fish, look like tiny vases, flowers, and more.  The colors are mindblowing and in some cases, the intricacy is phenomenal, and to me, incomprehensible.  If you read some of the other craft books I've reviewed, you'll find inspiration on how to use these exquisite beads when making your own jewelry.  I absolutely loved the designs on these pages: 59 (Sea Garden); 93 (the Boro Pendants); 213 (Tree Butterfly); 216 (Dichroics); 234 (Golden Rose Mardi Gras Mask), and 289 (Leopardo).  I wish these artists had websites that featured their work.
Conclusion - Beautiful and inspirational for handmade original goods.

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