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Giving - How Each of Us Can Change the World
by Bill Clinton
Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN 0-307-26674-3
Published September 2007 - Hardcover - 240 pages - $24.95

I firmly believe that we can help each other and that it's what we should be doing.  I have my own limited ways I help, and plan to help, and if we all did a little something, the world just has to be a better place.  Ex-president Clinton is in a superb position to help the world, and he is through his organization The Clinton Foundation and his organizing the Clinton Global Initiative, we can all learn a lesson or two from his book.  The list of how we can help and what we can do, is virtually endless.  Clinton gives us accounts of the many ways people have helped others, and they are not necessarily all "names".  Every little thing we do to help, helps.  Some people come up with incredible ways to change the world, some come up with annoyingly ("annoying" because they're so simple you could kick yourself for not coming up with one yourself!) simple but do-able ways, and others enlist the help of many.  One way of helping or giving that I know works because this is what I do, is to give of your time.  Helping others out with an hour or two here and there makes a huge difference in their lives.  Whether it's cleaning up your neighborhood or putting school graduates through college, every little bit helps.  Not all of us are the Bill and Melinda Gates or Andre Agassi or Oprahs of our communities, but we can make a difference.  I particularly loved the Heifer International and the microcredit progam stories - people need responsibility, and like it.  My greatest wish is for my books to be published so that I can set aside some of the royalties to start a charity/organization to assist women and children who flee abusive homes.  That's how I plan to raise money.  It's tough because I'm not a "name", so if there are any publishers out there who want to help me help others, e-mail me.  Or visit my web page for more information.  I urge you to go through the extensive list of Resources at the end of the book - you might be inspired by at least a couple of contacts.
Conclusion - Inspiring, motivating, and very moving.

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