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Make it in Minutes: Last-Minute Gifts
by Taylor Hagerty
Lark Books
ISBN 978-1-60059-316-1
Published September 2008 - Hardcover/Spiral - 128 pages - $12.95

There are so many crafts to try, so many books on crafts to read, so many television shows on crafts, it's really difficult to find one that suits you.  This wonderful little book (beautifully bound) has many interesting ideas to contemplate — I found at least four new ideas I want to explore.  The idea being that you'll not be stuck for a gift — you simply make one in an hour or less (when you know what you're doing that is).  Don't be put off (by this book or any other) by what you need, as you can collect bits and bobs from almost anywhere once you get going.  Whether it's old buttons or fabric or ribbon or lace or tea towels or gift wrapping, beads, scissors, stickers, pliers, yarn, boxes, bottles, threads or whatever, you'll find what you need at yard sales or Goodwill or thrift stores or at sales.  You'll learn to keep an eye open for knick-knacks to use and collect for future inspiration.  I liked that none of these projects seemed too taxing to make.  Many base items which you can transform into your own creations can be found at dollar stores — candles, frames, ribbon, baskets, boxes, tins, and more.  It's wonderful to have (or develop) a creative aspect to oneself that can be shared with others.  I found this book to be helpful, inspirational, and a treasure to have on hand during the cooped-up-inside-winter days.
Conclusion - Crafters are always on the lookout for new ideas, and there are many to be had in this book.

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