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Great Country French Style
Meredith Books
ISBN 0-696-23183-2
Published September 2006 - Softcover - 288 pages - $19.95

I have to say that this style is really not my taste at all.  Sometimes there is just too much going on in the rooms.  I love color and different fabric patterns, but not all at once.  As examples, look at the room in this Chicago home on page 225 - a kaleidoscope of color - too much, too on top of each other;  the room in this Montecito house on pages 234/235 is chaotic in my opinion, and I felt a headache coming on peering into the bizarre room on pages 86/87.  Rooms I really did like are the ones in the Sonoma cottage on pages 240/241, the one on page 245, and the one on page 115 (very pretty).  I absolutely loved the kitchen of the La Jolla house on page 259.  I loved the clean lines and elegance of the foyer of the Kiaweh Island, SC house on page 277 as well as the very elegant dining room on page 281.  The room in the New Orleans house on pages 28/29 is different and pleasing to the eye.  I would choose the stark beauty of the bedroom on page 121 over the weird one on page 128 any day.  The book is nicely balanced between the calm and the frenetic - i.o.w., something for everyone.  It covers "Redefined Elegance," "Broad Strokes of Color," "Rustic Touches," and "Comfortably Chic."
Conclusion - Nice selection of homes to peek into.

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