How to Draw Modern Florals by Alli Koch Books in Review
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How to Draw Modern Florals - An Introduction to the Art of Flowers and More
by Alli Koch
Paige Tate & Co.
ISBN 978-1-944515416
Published 2017 - Softcover - 120 pages - $17.99

I picked this book up at my library not thinking much about why I picked it up.  Perhaps it was the doodle-like drawings of flowers on the cover?  When I started reading I realized it was the doodle-like drawings that appealed to me as I am always trying to draw flowers (not realistic ones) on my art cards, tags and in my art journals.  I have a collection of doodles I refer to, but now I can use this lovely book to try and get a better idea of different types of flowers I can use.  Alli Koch makes it so simple to follow that you can hardly go wrong.  She also says that your lines don't have to be perfect (phew!) as the petals and leaves aren't perfect in nature.  I found the illustrations easy to follow and I had a brainwave!— I could draw many flowers from the huge selection she gives us (daisy, peony, rose, protea, tulip, sunflower, marigold, gardenia, dogwood, poppy, and cactus plants too!) to cut out and use as original ephemera.  Once I've painted them that is.  After each flower example there is a huge blank page upon which you can practice drawing the flower/s.  There are also basic leaf shapes to add to your drawings.  I really like this book and will be referring to it when I need ideas for my art and junk journals.  I could imagine painting the petals with color or even just splashing some watercolor on the flowers for a more loose look.  I love the library!

book cover


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