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Fashion 101 - A Crash Course in Clothing by Erika Stalder Books in Review
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Fashion 101 - A Crash Course in Clothing
by Erika Stalder
Zest Books
ISBN 978-0-9790173-4-6
Published May 2008 - Softcover - 128 pages - $17.95

In this book a few questions were asked to which, I'm hesitant to say, I knew the answers.  Like who made the mini skirt, or platform shoes, or the wrap dress, or the midi skirt.  I was there, which is saying too much.  However, I'm pleased to learn that many fashion styles (or at least the basic ideas) have been around for even longer than my few decades.  Erika Stalder offers great info on the many kinds of clothes we see around us all the time, like the Empire line, baby-doll dresses, A-line dresses, little black dresses, shirt dresses, sundresses, the smock, tank, tube, and more.  She goes on to offer tips on how to rock each style - I won't ever be wearing a baby-doll dress with combat boots or Doc Martens.  Ever.  That's not to say it shouldn't be worn.  Courtney Love does it in style.  Kind of.  For eons people have loaded their bodies with jewelry of sorts, and Stalder covers accessories in the form of not only jewelry, but also hats, belts, and handbags.  She also spells out colors, necklines, sleeves and cuffs, heels, and much more.  I enjoyed learning about how some styles came about.  For example bell-bottoms, culottes, and how the bra was born, and who in the news wore what to make fashion popular.  I appreciated the history of clothes which helps put things into perspective.  If you're a regular to my website, you'll know from other reviews and blogs how I really feel about "fashion".
Conclusion - If you devour this book in its entirety, you probably won't need any other fashion book.  Comprehensive and complete.

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