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Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling - Expressions of Faith through Art
by Sharon Soneff
ISBN 978-1-59253-268-1
Published 2006 - Softcover - 132 pages - $24.99

Now, I've never been a fan of Bible journaling as the thought of scribbling in a Holy book does not appeal to me.  But, using words from Scripture in my art and journaling does appeal to me.  And I need to do more of this.  Sharon Soneff's beautiful book shows us how to make our own faith journals (and there are loads of ideas!) to decorate as we wish.  Whether you have favorite words, sentences, passages or verses you'd like to use, you can go forward with anything you like.  Some of us need to express our love for our God, and if you can incorporate colorful artwork, collage, beautiful writing, photos, textures, paint, ink or whatever you're drawn to, this book will no doubt encourage and inspire you.  There are guest contributors' ideas filling this book so it's not all one person's perspective or ideas.  Mindy Caliguire offers words of wisdom throughout.  For each project/idea, there are materials and tools listed that you can use (or not), colorful illustrations to capture your attention, and verses from Scripture.  I loved the Mini Prayer File on page 16, the Jumbo Art Journal on page 55, and the composition books on page 106.  There are many styles of books to choose from so do go through them all to see what appeals to you.  You could even make a faith-based junk journal!  Do whatever seems appropriate for you.
Some of these ideas would make really lovely and thoughtful gifts for close friends and family.

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