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Fabric Jewelry - 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Ribbon, Buttons, and Beads by Teresa Searle Books in Review
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Fabric Jewelry - 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Ribbon, Buttons, and Beads
by Teresa Searle
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN 978-0-312-37473-0
Published January 2008 - Softcover - 128 pages - $21.95

People are always on the lookout for new crafts to make, either as a new hobby or as a way to bring in some extra cash.  Fabric jewelry is just that - use your old scraps to create pieces to perfectly match your outfits.  You can keep that favorite piece of old clothing alive in a creation or two!  If you have (or have access to) old buttons, threads, beads, ribbon, etc., you're well on your way.  Otherwise, check out yard sales or thrift stores (never miss the opportunity of buying a piece just for the buttons!) for interesting objects and/or ideas.  Designer Teresa Searle gives you the equipment you'll need (not much), materials, and some of the processes you'll be using.  Some of the projects I found interesting and appealing were: Orchid Belt; Floral Key Ribbon (a fabulous idea to use as personalized gifts and also for your kids); Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet, and Wrapped Necklace.  You'll also learn to Stab Stitch; Backstitch; Fly Stitch; Detached Chain Stitch; French Knot, and Star Stitch.  I loved the idea of embroidering covered buttons.  Covered buttons on an outfit are sheer elegance.
Conclusion - Fun and interesting new crafts to try out.

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