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Come to the Edge - A Memoir by Christina Haag Books in Review
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Come to the Edge - A Memoir
by Christina Haag
Spiegel & Grau
ISBN 978-0-385-52317-2
Published March 2011 - Hardcover - 280 pages - $25.00

I always thought that Christina Haag and John F. Kennedy Jr. were a great match, and I thought they'd end up together.  I'd forgotten the hows and whys as to their break-up, so I was looking forward to hearing what happened firsthand, in her book.  Right from the get-go, Christina draws you in with a romantic encounter with John Kennedy Jr., their first.  She offers details of attending Catholic school in NYC and a rare look at the inside of the then young John Kennedy's mother's home, their collective friends, the Secret Service, their other homes, and the parties.  She talks lovingly of their time at Brown University (John, Christina, and Christiane Amampour were roommates) and what they got up to.  The two knew each other and socialized on and off for years before realizing they were in love with one another.  Their love was not without stumbling blocks however.  Christina recalls their meeting up again, the parties they attended, the "dates" they had, their tender moments, and the difficulties in between.  As a bonus, there is a personal take on Jackie Onassis, the Kennedy cousins, and other private tidbits.  Her story is romantic, sad, uplifting, and beautiful.  I could relate to the beginning at Brown Uni, as I lived in Providence and it brought back memories.  Her recollections of the trips they took, the hikes, and the walks on beaches are beautiful.  There were "premonition" moments during their time together.  Her book is a wonderful retrospective look at a beautiful romance.
Conclusion - A real page-turner of a love-story.  Tender and never gossipy or malicious.

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